Mobiles and Sex!

Just when we thought we’d heard the worst, drops this counter intuitive (at least I would have thought) gem of information in our mail box.

“We all know that digital devices such as smartphones have changed our behaviour fundamentally. A recent study suggests that our affliction with mobile phones may even endanger the continuity of our species.

The data published by Harris Interactive suggests that U.S. adults are more willing to live without sex than to get rid of their beloved mobile phones. Let’s hope that this is not actually the case, otherwise we might one day run out of people we can text, call or share cute cat pictures with.”

An interesting American info snippet - and so close to Valentines Day.

An interesting American info snippet – and so close to Valentines Day.

Who’d a thought!

Smart Phones – Enabling the Blind?

There’s never been a better time to be blind, according to Jonathan Mosen.

Blind since birth, Jonathan is enthusiastic (with some reservations) about how advances in technology particularly iPhones and apps such as TapTapSee, VizWiz, CamFind and Digit-eyes are enabling the visually impaired to live a fuller life– IF they are aware of how to use them –

Camfind Digit-eyes Taptapsee.

His just published book, ‘iOS7 Without the Eye’ will be a boon to the visually impaired.
Jonathan describes the concern when touch screen first came out. No tactile keyboard, just a blank rectangle of glass. Apps for the blind cost extra, a real difficulty for many. “But Apple changed the paradigm,” he says. “Every iPhone contains this software at no extra cost.”

GPS has been a boon to the visually impaired, with audio advising not only every turn, but also what you’re passing. Jonathan cites just one of the advantages of the indoor navigating tool iBeacon. “It’s very helpful to know if you’ve found the gents, or were about to enter the ladies.”

Jonathan is Assistive Technology consultant, accessibility advocate, author and broadcaster.
Order book
Hear an interview at,
Read Jonathan’s blog

Improve Your Personal Carbon Footprint

It can do no harm and potentially a shipload of good for each of us to make a positive carbon footprint difference. Smart recycling of your mobile phone gets cash for you but also reduces the need to mine new metals and saves energy and fossil fuels in the mining and manufacturing process.

Recycling for reuse (Fonebank’s prime directive) also benefits low income people in countries less fortunate than Australia.

World Infographic Reuse recycle

What’s not to love?

Elections and Dangerous Rubbish

On Saturday Australia goes to the polls. A really important day.

But when it comes to disposal of dangerous and other end of life components in mobile phones, every day is a really important day. We should never forget that much of the stuff in mobile phones either doesn’t break down or is otherwise really damaging to the environment. Consider this…

Environmental Infographic

And remember, really smart mobile phone recycling doesn’t only help avoid harmful landfill, it also leads to product life extension as those phones that can be are refurbished and sold at affordable rates to people, usually in third world countries, who really benefit from the improved communication they get from them.

Vote to recycle sensibly (on all fronts)

Smartwatches are Here – Get used to it.

So, who wants a wristwatch smart phone, a smartwatch? Not sure I do, just another mobile to recycle. I’m more into smartphones with screens that expand to tablet size at will.

Fonebank and Smartwatches

Smartwatches can be beautiful

However, you can bet there’s a market for smartwatches, either as screen extensions for your smartphone right through to models with their own SIM and fully self contained – and every manufacturer of note will be producing just take a look at every smartwatch currently in development – Digital Trends

Apple had a team of about 100 designers working on watch-like device, two people familiar with the matter said in February and we can be pretty sure that Bloomberg’s tip that Samsung is about to release the Samsung Gear wrist device early in September is on the money. So, what’s inside Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch?

Samsung’s offering looks reasonably compact, but some of these devices are going to be pretty chunky and won’t be on my wrist. However, if you like to be flashy and seen as a first mover …….

Quad Band Android Phone Watch – Android Wrist Watch Phone With Quad Band Connection 

And then, if you really want to push the boat out All Hail The Hyetis Crossbow, The 41-Megapixel Smart Watc

One thing that’s becoming clear , whatever the naysayers say, is that we are going to become increasingly connected via mobile devices. Whether that’s one device for all  occasions or, perhaps more likely, several devices for different purposes (communication with people, health monitoring, environmental monitoring) we are going to have to be geared for very sound environmental recycling of this plethora of mobile stuff. Particularly if we don’t want to kill the goose.

We need a focus on how this is done. There are problems. At the moment mobile phones and other mobile devices that are refurbished are often sold at affordable prices into third world countries where environmental concerns are, quite sensibly, not put ahead of human survival and the building of economies that help with that survival process. What can the first world do to assist?

Should the recycling industry that benefits from this process, indeed should  the whole mobile industry as a whole also be encouraging and contributing to the initiation of environmentally sound recycling into the countries to which their output is going.

Contentious, eh?

Bendy and Big Screens

Not long now. Even thinner phones even bigger screens but possibly no bigger in terms of pocket size than your Galaxy S4. This is a major milestone in mobile device development – your phone turns into your tablet at the touch of a, well, screen.   New Samsung, LG, Apple, & Nokia Smartphones of 2013 or 2014 To Have Flexible Screens

And, wouldn’t it be great for Apple lovers if their iPhone 6 transformed into their iPad in the blink of an eye. You’d have thought maybe not so good for Apple, though, sell one device instead of two?    Incredible iPhone 6 Concept Transforms From Phone To Tablet Via Flexible Screen Technology IntoMobile from

I’m with PC Tech Authority in this next article, it IS time to get excited about flexible screens. This is the biggest impact on mobile devices since Apple produced the first commercially viable tablet. This is a must read.

That Pain in the Butt – Battery Life

At Fonebank one of the biggest problems we hear about is battery life. I think people sometimes recycle mobile phones because of the shortness of battery life, but often that problem is self imposed, a little judicious management would make your mobile phone battery last much longer.

Battery life is particularly important in emergencies. Whether it’s an earthquake or some other natural disaster grid power is often lost, sometimes for considerable periods of time. CNET’s Sumi Das has tips and tricks on how to keep your smartphone powered up when the lights go out.

CNET News – How to extend the battery life of your smartphone

On the less dramatic front, even keeping your phone plugged in overnight, or leaving it in your pocket can increase temperatures that dramatically shorten battery life.

Five Easy Ways to Prolong the Battery Life of Your Android Phone – Marketwire (press release)

DU Battery Saver is one useful aid to managing cell phone battery life. There’s a few more here:

Best Android Apps to Improve Battery Life 2013 – Android Geeks

So before you get rid of your otherwise wonderful mobile phone because of battery life, check if part of the problem isn’t you. Could save you a lot of money.

On the other hand, if you want to sell your mobile phone, Fonebank Australia is ready and waiting to help you out.

Recycle that Mobile Phone

Recycling is much, much more than chucking the phone in the waste bin. By now most of us know that’s a really bad idea but, just in case it hasn’t it home yet, this brief piece from the GigaBiter CEO courtesy of HealthyStuff might throw a little light. Study finds toxic chemicals in cell phones, GigaBiter CEO explains … – The Times Herald

But it’s not always about stripping the phone down to its components. Most one owner phones, possibly two owner phones, can be deployed in third world countries where ownership of a mobile phone can make a huge difference to people struggling in business or connecting with family. Second or third hand phones are affordable in these circumstances; new phones not so much.

Being one of the vital communication tools, mobile phones are used by almost every individual nowadays. A whopping 87 percent of the world’s population is using cell phones according to » The Benefits of Mobile Phone Recycling: How it www.atterobay.com10/27/12

 ….and for further reinforcement of both the importance of responsible recycling and the potential value to you or your cause of that “old” phone read this:  It hardly seems possible but mobile phones and tablets have only been a significant part of our lives for the past 15 to 20 years or so. And yet, nowadays, it’s impossible to walk down the street without seeing large numbers of … How have mobile phone and iPad recycling changed over time

Of course, we at Fonebank Australia can help with recycling your phone. We buy them and they go off to assist in third world business and social connectivity. We haven’t, as yet, got to the point they have in Providence, where there’s a new type of ATM in place – but we might. Earn cash for your old smart phone – Providence Eyewitness News


Which Phone Update for Me?

Upgrading a phone is not always easyAndroid, iOS, Windows Phone 8, photographic quality, design et al make the choice of phone upgrade tricky. “Which phone shall I get?” is not always a happy question. The opportunity for something new and desirable often offset by “What if I make the wrong choice?”

Get used to it. The range of choices is going to increase. Apart from anything else, you might find you’re staying with your existing phone and buying a tablet.

So, what to do? Start reading….. Scott Matteson of TechRepublic, for instance. Choose your smartphone wisely: iPhone or Android | TechRepublic www.techrepublic.com11/5/12

Note that the Android isn’t a phone per se (however, I’ll refer to it as one for the purpose of this article) but rather the Linux-based OS that runs on the phone. A phone running Android can be one of any number of different

Then there’s why Microsoft think Windows Phone 8 should be your choice. For one thing, they need it to make up the ground that Apple and Android had removed from under their feet. As the Seattle Times observes – As part of the effort to reverse that slide, Microsoft executives at Monday’s event presented their cases for why Windows Phone 8 is different, and better, than its competitors. They kept on message, stressing the platform’s … Microsoft pushes for new image with Windows Phone 8 release phys.org11/2/12

Blackberry 10 image

Blackberry 10


Then there’s Blackberry. Not everyone thinks it’s a lost cause. George Kesarios wrote an article on why BlackBerry 10 will be a success. Why BlackBerry 10 Will Be A Success – N4BB n4bb.com11/5/12



As we find more useful links to aid choice we’ll post them. Just remember, whether for business or pleasure, upgrading your phone should be fun. The chances of making a big mistake are pretty slim, so enjoy.