Great iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 5 Review

Charles Arthur, Technology Editor
The Guardian

The Guardian UK’s Technology editor has provided a really useful look at the iPhone 5’s functionality; much more than just a restatement of specifications and features. He makes the iPhone 5 comparison directly alongside the iPhone 4S.

We’d love to have uploaded the video as part of this post but, at 8 min 39 secs, it was just too large. You can see it by clicking here.


This phone is going to mean a lot of iPhone 4s (and earlier) being replaced. Let’s all make sure the environment is looked after by recycling them in a way that avoids landfill solutions.

iPhone 6 Around the Corner

iPhone 5The iPhone 6 is probably not far away, but probably not just around the next corner.

It’s over a week since the iPhone 5 was launched. Possibly less than a year since you bought your now out of date iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter, it’s got a bigger screen (although not wider) and it’s got greater technical capability. How can you afford it? How can you resist it?

Well, a smart move might be to stick with the mobile phone you already have on the safe assumption that whatever handset you buy tomorrow will be out of date within the year. Don’t fix what isn’t broke.

But if you want to buy the iPhone 5 you could:

  • Salve your conscience by giving your old phone to charity or to a relation or friend who doesn’t have a smart phone.
  • Be forward thinking and keep your old iPhone 4S or whatever for emergencies, such as breaking or losing your new iPhone 5. A heap of people (up to a third) do lose their mobile phones.
  • Be an optimist, keep it in a safe place because it might be worth a lot in the future as an historical example of the development of the mobile phone.
  • Give your pocket a break, sell your old mobile phone to a refurbisher or put it on e-bay; get something back for the old Apple iPhone to help mitigate the cost of the new Apple iPhone.

Whatever you do, if you’re getting rid of your old mobile phone make sure that it goes to a place where it will be recycled environmentally. And, let’s face it, most of us won’t resist the urge to get the new model so the least we can do is consider the environment as we make the change.