Recycle that Mobile Phone

Recycling is much, much more than chucking the phone in the waste bin. By now most of us know that’s a really bad idea but, just in case it hasn’t it home yet, this brief piece from the GigaBiter CEO courtesy of HealthyStuff might throw a little light. Study finds toxic chemicals in cell phones, GigaBiter CEO explains … – The Times Herald

But it’s not always about stripping the phone down to its components. Most one owner phones, possibly two owner phones, can be deployed in third world countries where ownership of a mobile phone can make a huge difference to people struggling in business or connecting with family. Second or third hand phones are affordable in these circumstances; new phones not so much.

Being one of the vital communication tools, mobile phones are used by almost every individual nowadays. A whopping 87 percent of the world’s population is using cell phones according to » The Benefits of Mobile Phone Recycling: How it www.atterobay.com10/27/12

 ….and for further reinforcement of both the importance of responsible recycling and the potential value to you or your cause of that “old” phone read this:  It hardly seems possible but mobile phones and tablets have only been a significant part of our lives for the past 15 to 20 years or so. And yet, nowadays, it’s impossible to walk down the street without seeing large numbers of … How have mobile phone and iPad recycling changed over time

Of course, we at Fonebank Australia can help with recycling your phone. We buy them and they go off to assist in third world business and social connectivity. We haven’t, as yet, got to the point they have in Providence, where there’s a new type of ATM in place – but we might. Earn cash for your old smart phone – Providence Eyewitness News


Which Phone Update for Me?

Upgrading a phone is not always easyAndroid, iOS, Windows Phone 8, photographic quality, design et al make the choice of phone upgrade tricky. “Which phone shall I get?” is not always a happy question. The opportunity for something new and desirable often offset by “What if I make the wrong choice?”

Get used to it. The range of choices is going to increase. Apart from anything else, you might find you’re staying with your existing phone and buying a tablet.

So, what to do? Start reading….. Scott Matteson of TechRepublic, for instance. Choose your smartphone wisely: iPhone or Android | TechRepublic www.techrepublic.com11/5/12

Note that the Android isn’t a phone per se (however, I’ll refer to it as one for the purpose of this article) but rather the Linux-based OS that runs on the phone. A phone running Android can be one of any number of different

Then there’s why Microsoft think Windows Phone 8 should be your choice. For one thing, they need it to make up the ground that Apple and Android had removed from under their feet. As the Seattle Times observes – As part of the effort to reverse that slide, Microsoft executives at Monday’s event presented their cases for why Windows Phone 8 is different, and better, than its competitors. They kept on message, stressing the platform’s … Microsoft pushes for new image with Windows Phone 8 release phys.org11/2/12

Blackberry 10 image

Blackberry 10


Then there’s Blackberry. Not everyone thinks it’s a lost cause. George Kesarios wrote an article on why BlackBerry 10 will be a success. Why BlackBerry 10 Will Be A Success – N4BB n4bb.com11/5/12



As we find more useful links to aid choice we’ll post them. Just remember, whether for business or pleasure, upgrading your phone should be fun. The chances of making a big mistake are pretty slim, so enjoy.

Mobile Data Security: You and your Work Place

It’s a tricky business. You only want to carry one device but what if you lose it and it’s not only got your personal data, but that of your employers business or your own business? Letting personal data go free is bad enough, but that of your customers, your suppliers, your business finances….Doesn’t bear thinking about? Or does it?

Of course it does. If you’re an employee it’s certainly going to occur to you employer – eventually if not immediately. Margaret Rock of Mobilemedia flushes out some of the ramifications. The Hidden Risks of Using Your Phone for Work – Mobiledia

It would appear that employers do have cause for concern. Not everyone is as careful as they should be about controlling or protecting mobile phone data. Any reasonably smart company person in charge of ICT is going to be aware of this fact and be pretty ruthless about protecting the company’s IP, quite possibly at the expense of your personal data. This would certainly be so at the time of phone or tablet loss.

The Observers Jill Insley via The Raw Story: There seems to be a culture of ‘it couldn’t happen to me’. A stolen phone can provide all the password.. Report: Smart phone users aren’t smart about data security on their www.rawstory.com10/8/12

But BYOD can also be a good idea from the employer perspective and it may prove to inevitable in the long term. Then it becomes a question of not “how do we stop it” but more how do we control it and protect our sensitive information.

Patrick Lambert of TechRepublic takes a company view.

Financial, regulatory, data security risks. First, what are some of the things that can happen when an employee brings a phone, tablet or laptop into work — something that has a lot of processing power and capabilities? BYOD: Risks, rewards, and how to deal with it | TechRepublic www.techrepublic.com11/1/12

The problem is, that whilst as phone or tablet owners we might think we’re on top of our data security we might not be as knowledgeable as we think we are. Take a look at this from Brian Prince of eWeek. 100K Google Android Apps Pose Potensial Security Risk: Bit9 Report – eWeek

The common device across both work and play is an almost inevitable consequence of mobile device and app development. There’s bound to be way of making it work. If your a business protecting its intellectual property you’re going to have to impose protection on any BYOD implementation. If you’re an employee, you’ll need to accept that at least part of your phone or tablet is not going to be wholly yours.

You may also need to accept that, in the event of loss, a master swipe from the boss will remove your data as well as the company’s.


How often does Camera Capability Dictate your Phone Upgrade

Harriman Park Camera Test iphone 5

Harriman Park Camera Test iphone 5

Without doubt, one of the great features of the current crop of phones is their camera. Quite often, when other things are broadly in balance, the choice of camera will dictate just which phone upgrade choice we make.

The only way to tackle which one is to keep reading as much as you can about what’s on offer. Don’t do that and run the risk of really wishing you had when a mate shows you which phone he/she bought.

Let’s let Pocket-lint start the ball rolling:- Phone cameras are catching up with compacts, how long does your camera have left? Each camera, and now mobile phone, will be put through the same rigorous testing, with the smartphones undergoing 14 tests in all. Phone cameras catching up with compacts, how long does your camera have left? –

But what you really need are some comparisons that enable choice. Not easy to find but TechPatio has some thoughts on the matter.

Beating the iPhone 5 camera capability is still no easy matter. It’s got a great track record and now it’s got that great panorama feature. Just take another look at the detail on the Harriman Park test picture at the top of this segment. And how about this image:

For something of a specialist view on the iPhone 5 camera we offer the review from iSight. Apple iPhone 5 iSight Camera Review www.ephotozine.com10/29/12

And if you really want to get down to detail, there’s some handy apps to help out with that. I’ve always hated toting unwieldy DSLRs when I’m eating out. While they take better photos, DSLRs are just too bulky for casual use, so when you simply want to dig in that temping mound of fat on your plate, it tends to get in Shuttergrub: 3 Android App Essentials for Food Photography  www.pepper.ph10/31/12

We’ve hardly touched on video so there’s still a lot of ground to cover. Later.