Smart Phones – Enabling the Blind?

There’s never been a better time to be blind, according to Jonathan Mosen.

Blind since birth, Jonathan is enthusiastic (with some reservations) about how advances in technology particularly iPhones and apps such as TapTapSee, VizWiz, CamFind and Digit-eyes are enabling the visually impaired to live a fuller life– IF they are aware of how to use them –

Camfind Digit-eyes Taptapsee.

His just published book, ‘iOS7 Without the Eye’ will be a boon to the visually impaired.
Jonathan describes the concern when touch screen first came out. No tactile keyboard, just a blank rectangle of glass. Apps for the blind cost extra, a real difficulty for many. “But Apple changed the paradigm,” he says. “Every iPhone contains this software at no extra cost.”

GPS has been a boon to the visually impaired, with audio advising not only every turn, but also what you’re passing. Jonathan cites just one of the advantages of the indoor navigating tool iBeacon. “It’s very helpful to know if you’ve found the gents, or were about to enter the ladies.”

Jonathan is Assistive Technology consultant, accessibility advocate, author and broadcaster.
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Improve Your Personal Carbon Footprint

It can do no harm and potentially a shipload of good for each of us to make a positive carbon footprint difference. Smart recycling of your mobile phone gets cash for you but also reduces the need to mine new metals and saves energy and fossil fuels in the mining and manufacturing process.

Recycling for reuse (Fonebank’s prime directive) also benefits low income people in countries less fortunate than Australia.

World Infographic Reuse recycle

What’s not to love?

Elections and Dangerous Rubbish

On Saturday Australia goes to the polls. A really important day.

But when it comes to disposal of dangerous and other end of life components in mobile phones, every day is a really important day. We should never forget that much of the stuff in mobile phones either doesn’t break down or is otherwise really damaging to the environment. Consider this…

Environmental Infographic

And remember, really smart mobile phone recycling doesn’t only help avoid harmful landfill, it also leads to product life extension as those phones that can be are refurbished and sold at affordable rates to people, usually in third world countries, who really benefit from the improved communication they get from them.

Vote to recycle sensibly (on all fronts)