Which Phone Update for Me?

Upgrading a phone is not always easyAndroid, iOS, Windows Phone 8, photographic quality, design et al make the choice of phone upgrade tricky. “Which phone shall I get?” is not always a happy question. The opportunity for something new and desirable often offset by “What if I make the wrong choice?”

Get used to it. The range of choices is going to increase. Apart from anything else, you might find you’re staying with your existing phone and buying a tablet.

So, what to do? Start reading….. Scott Matteson of TechRepublic, for instance. Choose your smartphone wisely: iPhone or Android | TechRepublic www.techrepublic.com11/5/12

Note that the Android isn’t a phone per se (however, I’ll refer to it as one for the purpose of this article) but rather the Linux-based OS that runs on the phone. A phone running Android can be one of any number of different

Then there’s why Microsoft think Windows Phone 8 should be your choice. For one thing, they need it to make up the ground that Apple and Android had removed from under their feet. As the Seattle Times observes – As part of the effort to reverse that slide, Microsoft executives at Monday’s event presented their cases for why Windows Phone 8 is different, and better, than its competitors. They kept on message, stressing the platform’s … Microsoft pushes for new image with Windows Phone 8 release phys.org11/2/12

Blackberry 10 image

Blackberry 10


Then there’s Blackberry. Not everyone thinks it’s a lost cause. George Kesarios wrote an article on why BlackBerry 10 will be a success. Why BlackBerry 10 Will Be A Success – N4BB n4bb.com11/5/12



As we find more useful links to aid choice we’ll post them. Just remember, whether for business or pleasure, upgrading your phone should be fun. The chances of making a big mistake are pretty slim, so enjoy.