That Pain in the Butt – Battery Life

At Fonebank one of the biggest problems we hear about is battery life. I think people sometimes recycle mobile phones because of the shortness of battery life, but often that problem is self imposed, a little judicious management would make your mobile phone battery last much longer.

Battery life is particularly important in emergencies. Whether it’s an earthquake or some other natural disaster grid power is often lost, sometimes for considerable periods of time. CNET’s Sumi Das has tips and tricks on how to keep your smartphone powered up when the lights go out.

CNET News – How to extend the battery life of your smartphone

On the less dramatic front, even keeping your phone plugged in overnight, or leaving it in your pocket can increase temperatures that dramatically shorten battery life.

Five Easy Ways to Prolong the Battery Life of Your Android Phone – Marketwire (press release)

DU Battery Saver is one useful aid to managing cell phone battery life. There’s a few more here:

Best Android Apps to Improve Battery Life 2013 – Android Geeks

So before you get rid of your otherwise wonderful mobile phone because of battery life, check if part of the problem isn’t you. Could save you a lot of money.

On the other hand, if you want to sell your mobile phone, Fonebank Australia is ready and waiting to help you out.