Bendy and Big Screens

Not long now. Even thinner phones even bigger screens but possibly no bigger in terms of pocket size than your Galaxy S4. This is a major milestone in mobile device development – your phone turns into your tablet at the touch of a, well, screen.   New Samsung, LG, Apple, & Nokia Smartphones of 2013 or 2014 To Have Flexible Screens

And, wouldn’t it be great for Apple lovers if their iPhone 6 transformed into their iPad in the blink of an eye. You’d have thought maybe not so good for Apple, though, sell one device instead of two?    Incredible iPhone 6 Concept Transforms From Phone To Tablet Via Flexible Screen Technology IntoMobile from

I’m with PC Tech Authority in this next article, it IS time to get excited about flexible screens. This is the biggest impact on mobile devices since Apple produced the first commercially viable tablet. This is a must read.