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Fonebank specialises in the reuse and recycling of mobile phones. We pay for them, enabling Australians to get back the value of their pre-used mobile phones when they upgrade to a newer model.

We provide a reliable, easy and comprehensively managed service for individuals, businesses, mobile network operators, manufacturers, retailers and public service bodies to return their used, end-of-line, or surplus mobile phones for re-use or recycling.

We offer a fully inclusive service, from evaluation of mobile phones to prompt payment, free courier collection of 15 or more working phones, and safe disposal of any obsolete or broken mobile phones. Within 48 hours of receiving your phone your payment will be on its way, either by cheque or bank transfer.

Working mobile phones are refurbished and re-used in developing countries. In many of these countries fixed landlines can be expensive or simply not available. Second hand mobiles are an affordable means of communication that help businesses to run more efficiently and families to stay in touch more easily. Most phones that come to Fonebank are working or non-working but able to be repaired, so are re-used.

Protecting our environment is important to us. We ensure that any broken and obsolete mobiles we receive are safely recycled according to Australian recycling guidelines.

Recycling minimises solid and hazardous waste going to landfill and leeching toxins into our waterways. It enables components such as precious metals to be extracted and re-used. It reduces the need to use raw materials for the manufacture of new products, thus saving natural resources.

Not-for-profits are important to us too. Fonebank Fundraiser provides an effective and easy fundraising option for registered charities, schools and clubs that are doing good things for the people in their communities. See for further information.

Fonebank is part of Fonebank Recycling Ltd, an international mobile phone recycling business with head office in the heart of London. The company was established in 2003, and has affiliates in Australia, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Spain and Sweden.

Fonebank Australia's offices are in Malvern, Melbourne.


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